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The merger between the NetBook and the IT Book Message Boards is complete. Both have been demoted to a Sub-Board status and are available as a part of a combined board, located at

What was merged:
- Forum Categories
- Forums
- Board Name

What was changed and/or updated:
- Forum Descriptions
- Board Skin
- Board Guidelines and Rules (this became the ToS of the board)
- Forum Settings
- Applied separate forum member group permissions & settings for the NetBook and the IT Book Message Sub-Boards
- Applied forum member group permissions for shared categories and forums

What was added:
- Shoutbox
- Media Gallery
- Separate staff member groups, forum permissions and sections for each Sub-Board
- The default member group has now restricted access to the categories and forums (can only read), its renamed to "Registered Members (Restricted)"
- Access Switch feature - members will be able to switch between Sub-Boards at will. A Premium member group will be added later on which will have unlimited access to both Sub-Boards (no ETA on it though).

What was removed:
- The IT Book Board Facebook Page
- Multi-langual forums
- "Recent Topics" feature removed and dropped completely.
- phpBB skin has been dropped completely.
- The categories and forums on the IT Book Message Board have been disabled.
-The IT Book Message Board has been turned offline and submitted for deletion.

Our new address is
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